Essential knitwear care


Pullovers of the highest quality need to be handled with special care. Regularly hanging pullovers on a coat hanger in the fresh air cuts down the need to wash frequently, particularly as this can cause damage to wool fibres.



Washing instructions for your Phil Petter pullover


Every pullover from our collection is pre-washed during production. This prevents shrinkage and ensures a more simple care for our customers.

We recommend the following:


-       Turn your pullover inside out!

-       Wash knitwear seperately!

-       Use a washing bag, thus preventing any dammage during the washing cycle!


-       Merino wool/Cashmere/Alpaca/Merino-Stretch
Cold wash using liquid wool or cashmere washing agent.

-       Cotton/Cottonl-Stretch/Linen/Viscose
30 ° gentle wash programme using liquid washing agent.

 -       Viscose-Stretch-Jersey
40 ° gentle wash programme using liquid washing agent.


-       Short, low spin programme!

-       Never use a drier!

-       Don't wring dry. Wrap in a towel and squeeze gently.

-       Pull gently into shape and dry flat on a towel.

-       Never dry on a washing line or a radiator!

-       Jerseys can dry on a coat hanger.

-       Steam iron inside out whith an ironing cloth.



For all Phil Petter pullovers and t-shirts dry cleaning is also possible.